ANKER Wi-Fi Battery Camera EufyCam 2 Kit 2+1 FHD With Homebase

Κωδικός: 281-50-ANEC2CK

Part No: T88313D2

EAN/UPC: 0194644015305

Κατασκευαστής ANKER
Ανάλυση video 1920 x 1080
Pan, Tilt Όχι
Ελάχιστη φωτεινότητα (Lux) 0
Wireless 802.11b/g/n
Zoom Digital
Ήχος Ναι
Επιπρόσθετα Live-stream and record footage in crystal clear 1080p HD. The 135° diagonal field of view allows you to see exactly what is happening in and around your home.

Half-Year Security from 1 Charge: Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 180-day battery life from just one charge.

Ready for Any Weather: With an IP67 weatherproof-rating, eufyCam 2C is built to withstand the elements.

Εξωτερικού χώρου Ναι
Εγγύηση (μήνες) 24
PoE Όχι