SFP 1000 BASE-T Copper Transceiver

Κωδικός: 97-50-DLGM712

Part No: DGS-712

EAN/UPC: 790069356117

Κατασκευαστής D-LINK
Τύπος συσκευής SFP Transceivers
Επιπρόσθετα SFP 10/100/1000 BASE‑T Copper Transceiver

D-Links DGS-712 1000BASE-T Copper Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceiver is based on the SFP Multi Source Agreement. It is compatible with the Gigabit Ethernet and 1000BASE-T standards as specified in IEEE 802.3z and 802.3ab. The DGS-712 plugs into any standard SFP interface allowing for 1000Base-T Gigabit transmission over standard Category 5 twisted pair copper.
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