1000BaseT to SFP Standalone Media Converter

Κωδικός: 97-50-DLMG01LC

Part No: DMC-G01LC

EAN/UPC: 790069415982

Κατασκευαστής D-LINK
Τύπος συσκευής Converters
Επιπρόσθετα 1000BaseT to SFP Standalone Media Converter
D-Links 10/100/1000Base-T to SFP Standalone Media Converter turn an Ethernet connection into fibre, allowing for long distance connections. Instead of requiring an investment in an entire chassis, the standalone DMC-G01LC is able to provide the same high-quality conversion on its own. The standalone nature of these means that you can use save space and cut costs while still extending your network over long distances, depending on the SFP transceiver installed. The DMC-G01LC allows for 1000 Mbps Full-Duplexing, letting you truly maximise your networks potential.
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