Κωδικός: 97-50-DLP101G

Part No: DPE-101GI

EAN/UPC: 0790069341335

Κατασκευαστής D-LINK
Interface 1 x Gbit
Συμβατότητα POE IEEE802.3af
Power Supply Watt Output: 0.4 A at 48 V
19.2 watts max
Επιπρόσθετα Plug-and-Play with no software required
Easy installation of PoE devices where a power outlet is not available
Reduces installation and network equipment costs
Provides power over existing network cabling to PoE devices such as access points, IP cameras and IP phones
Lightweight and compact
Output: 0.4 A at 48 V
Εγγύηση (μήνες) 24
The DPE-101GI Gigabit PoE Injector is designed to supply a power and data connection to PoE devices such as an IP Camera or Wireless Access Point. The IEEE 802.3af compliant DPE-101GI gives you the ability to mount your PoE device virtually anywhere in a building, such as on ceilings or near entryways, by eliminating the need for a nearby power outlet and attached power supply.