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Κατασκευαστής APC  (14)  LEGRAND  (16) 
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Εμφάνιση ανά 20 - 30 - 50
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 50655 2Οutlet
Σε ευθεία
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG50655, Part No: 050655
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 50650 4Οutlet
Σε πρίζα 2Π+Γ
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG50650, Part No: 050650
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 50656 3Οutlet
Σε ευθεία
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG50656, Part No: 050656
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 50662 3Οutlet
Πλάγια έξοδος
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG50662, Part No: 050662
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 695006 4Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG695006, Part No: 695006
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 695011 5Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG695011, Part No: 695011
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM1W-GR 1Οutlet
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM1W, Part No: PM1W-GR
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 695008 4Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG695008, Part No: 695008
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 694651 4Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694651, Part No: 694651
LEGRAND CFT SurgeArrest 694636 6Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694636, Part No: 694636
LEGRAND CFT SurgeArrest 694604 4Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694604, Part No: 694604
LEGRAND CFT SurgeArrest 694656 6Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694656, Part No: 694656
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694671, Part No: 694671
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM5-GR 5Οutlet
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM5, Part No: PM5-GR
LEGRAND CFT & SEC SurgeArrest 694611 4Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694611, Part No: 694611
LEGRAND CFT SurgeArrest 694609 6Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694609, Part No: 694609
LEGRAND CFT & SEC SurgeArrest 694612 6Οutlet
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694612, Part No: 694612
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM1WU2-GR 1 Οutlet With USB Charger
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM1WU2, Part No: PM1WU2-GR
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM5T-GR 5Οutlet with Phone Protection
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM5T, Part No: PM5T-GR
APC ProtectNet PS9-DTE 9pin
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPS9DT, Part No: PS9-DTE
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM6-GR 6Οutlet
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM6, Part No: PM6-GR
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM5U-GR 5Οutlet with USB Charger
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM5U, Part No: PM5U-GR
APC Notebook Surge Protector PNOTEPROC6-EC for AC Phone and Network lines, 3 pin connection,
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSANP6, Part No: PNOTEPROC6-EC
APC Notebook Surge Protector PNOTEPROC8-EC Phone and Network lines, 2 pin connection
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSANP8, Part No: PNOTEPROC8-EC
APC ProtectNet PTEL2 2 Line Telephone
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPTEL2, Part No: PTEL2
APC ProtectNet PNET1GB Surge Protector for 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet line
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPNE1G, Part No: PNET1GB
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM8-GR 8Οutlet
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM8, Part No: PM8-GR
LEGRAND SurgeArrest 694614 4 Οutlet /2 USB
Κωδικός: 266-60-LEG694614, Part No: 694614
APC Essential SurgeArrest PMF83VT-GR 8Οutlet with Phone & Coax Cable Protection
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM8VT, Part No: PMF83VT-GR
APC Essential SurgeArrest PM6U-GR 6Οutlet with USB Charger
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCPM6U, Part No: PM6U-GR
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Εμφάνιση ανά 20 - 30 - 50
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