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Κατασκευαστής APC  (22)  CYBERPOWER  (12)  LEGRAND  (1) 
Τύπος συσκευής Data Center  (1)  Line Interactive  (20)  Online  (14)  StandBy (0)
Εύρος ισχύς (VA) >8000VA  (4)  1550VA - 3000VA  (10)  3050VA - 8000VA  (5)  325VA - 650VA  (1)  700VA - 1500VA  (15) 
Waveform output Modified Sine Wave (0) Sine Wave  (35) 
Rack mount No (0) Yes  (35)  Yes (optional) (0)
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CYBERPOWER UPS High Density OL6KERTHD 6000VA Online With Lan
Κωδικός: 245-60-CPOL6KER, Part No: OL6KERTHD
CYBERPOWER UPS Professional PR3000ERT2U Line Interactive LCD Rackmount 3000VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CPPR3000ERT2U, Part No: PR3000ERT2U
CYBERPOWER UPS Professional PR2200ELCDRT2U Line Interactive LCD Rackmount 2200VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CPPR2200ERT2U, Part No: PR2200ERT2U
CYBERPOWER UPS OLS3000ERT2U Online LCD Rackmount 3000VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CP3000ERT, Part No: OLS3000ERT2U
CYBERPOWER UPS Professional PR1500ERT2U Line Interactive LCD Rackmount 1500VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CPPR1500ERT2U, Part No: PR1500ERT2U
CYBERPOWER UPS OLS2000ERT2U Online LCD Rackmount 2000VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CP2000ERT, Part No: OLS2000ERT2U
CYBERPOWER UPS Professional PR1000ERT2U Line Interactive LCD Rackmount 1000VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CPPR1000ERT2U, Part No: PR1000ERT2U
CYBERPOWER UPS OR1500ELCDRM1U Line Interactive LCD Rackmount 1500VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CP1500OR, Part No: OR1500ELCDRM1U
CYBERPOWER UPS Professional OLS6000ERTXL3U Online 6000VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CP6000ERT, Part No: OLS6000ERTXL3U
CYBERPOWER UPS OLS1500ERT2U Online LCD Rackmount 1500VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CP1500ERT, Part No: OLS1500ERT2U
CYBERPOWER UPS Smart App OR600ELCDRM1U Line Interactive LCD Rackmount 600VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CP6000OR, Part No: OR600ELCDRM1U
CYBERPOWER UPS OLS1000ERT2U Online LCD Rackmount 1000VA
Κωδικός: 245-60-CP1000ERT, Part No: OLS1000ERT2U
APC Smart UPS SMC1000I-2UC Line Interactive
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSMC100UC, Part No: SMC1000I-2UC
APC Smart UPS SMT1000RMI2U 1000VA Line Interactive
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSM10R2C, Part No: SMT1000RMI2UC
APC Smart UPS SMC1500IC-2UC Line Interactive
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSMC150UC, Part No: SMC1500I-2UC
APC Smart UPS SUA1000RMI1U Rack Line Interactive
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSB1R1, Part No: SUA1000RMI1U
APC Smart UPS SMT1500RMI2UC Rack Line Interactive with Smart Connect
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSM15R2C, Part No: SMT1500RMI2UC
APC Smart UPS SMTL750RMI2UC Line Interactive Lithium Ion
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSM75R2CL, Part No: SMTL750RMI2UC
APC Smart UPS SMX1500RMI2U LCD 1500VA Line Interactive
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCM15XR2, Part No: SMX1500RMI2U
APC Smart UPS SMTL1000RMI2UC Line Interactive Lithium Ion
Κωδικός: 158-60-APCSM10R2CL, Part No: SMTL1000RMI2UC
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